Pool Maintenance
by Pool Professionals Why?

A Sparkling Pool in your backyard is an asset to any property value. Proper pool maintenance involves keeping the water balance correct and stablized so that surface of the pool and durability of the expensive equipment could be maintained and enhanced.

Professional Pool Service does not mean cleaning your pool and adding some chlorine to the water only, In fact it involves a weekly monitoring of the pool water by Chemical analysis so that free chlorine level should be adequate to keep the algea out of pool, alkalanity of the pool should be in range ( 100-120 ppm), PH holds up in good range ( 7.4- 7.6), Stabilizer is at good level ( 80-120ppm) depending on type of sanitizer,Water Hardness ( that produces scales on tiles) is in good range, water is Metal free, Phosphates levels are in control, Filter is working at its best efficency and absence of any Source of Air n the system that can damage Filteration System, jandy Valves and other pressurised points.

Every Pool is unique in its water quality and balancing nature and only an Experienced Pool Professional can observe the parameters needed to deal with your pool. A Simple Water check from a pool retailer often leads to long term damages that cost you expensive replacements because they are looking at the water sample only and not at your pool, Remember every pool is unique in itself..

Katy and Westside Pools, we aim at professional pool upkeep with the best professional knowledge.All our Services are backed up by warranties that we offer at the end of completion of job. Whether it is a pump replacement, filter replacement, pool resurfacing or pool maintenance we assure the customer satisfaction.We are proud to say that most of our customers are repeat or Referal Customers.

Ask for our Annual Maintenance program for Owner maintained Pools

Services offered

  • Pool Maintenance Residence or Commercial
  • Pool Repairs
  • Pool Remodelling
  • Pool Lights repair
  • Pool pumps and Filters repair
  • Annual filter cleaning
  • Pool Cover Installation
  • Salt water system installation and Maintenance
  • Spa motor and Blower replacements and repairs
  • Pool Draining and Acid Wash ( from Swamp to Crystal Clear).
  • Pool Inspection
  • Certified Stain Removing Specialists

Salt Water Pools

It is a wrong impression that after the installation of Salt Chlorine generator, Pool water do not need anything else to be kept healthy and algea free.

It is imperative to understand that salt generator is just another way of adding or producing chlorine. Nacl( Salt) is being split into Na and Cl by Salt Cell by electrochemical gradient to produce chlorine.

All other parameter like PH, Total Alkalinity, Stabilizer , Ca Hardness ,TDS need to be checked and controlled more vigrously.

Infact PH bounce is so frequent that National Swimming pool Federation is recommending service Companies to visit twice a week on this type of Pools.

The Pool running cycle should be long enough to produce sufficent amount of chlorine.

Stablizer level should in higher range than regular pools.

Every 3 years salt generator cell should be replaced to keep the Chlorine production efficency to the required levels.

Phosphates levels should be checked frequently.

Salt should be in range of 3000ppm or more according to manufacturer recommendation.

Cause Of Stains and Corrosion

Any Time you have different Metals ( Copper Stainless steel ) in a salt water pool you create a battery. Some amount of current flows between the metals.

The electrons that make up the current are supplied by one of the metals,giving up a bit of itself in the form of metal ions to the pool water.This is called Galvanic corrosion

Galvanic Corrosion causes Plaster discoloration and metal erosion. The best way to inhibit the effect of Galvanic corrosion is Zinc anode.

Zinc is a metal that gives up metal ions fasters than other metals in the pool and get eroded instead of pool lights, rails, heater, ladder, cleaner metal parts etc.

The Zinc ions do not discolor the pool and hence No Black stains, brown stains, or Heater damage.


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